Why Infinity Gazebos?

A serious step-up from your common or garden canopy, an Infinity Gazebo brings a distinctive and classy look to your outdoor space, with a quality of craftsmanship you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

From a world-class manufacturer

Add an enviable flourish to your garden with an ahead-of-trend Infinity Gazebo, from world-class manufacturer, PergolaLUX. The combination of its contemporary aesthetic and advanced automated features make the Infinity Gazebo a perfect choice for the design-conscious homeowner.

These strong and stylish semi-permanent outdoor structures will take your outdoor living and entertaining to a new level. No wobbles, no flapping, no leaks. And no ongoing maintenance or colour fade, thanks to their weather-resistant construction.

A robust build and intelligent engineering keep the Infinity Gazebo standing still and strong in all conditions. For extra stability, we’ll fasten it to a base of your choice.

At a glance

Just some of the reasons to pick an Infinity Gazebo.
  • Just arrived in UK following successful launch in Poland , Austria & Germany
  • Great Prices
  • Low manufacturing cost base in Poland with highest quality and economies of scale as supplying a worldwide / global market
  • Direct to customer / distribution model with no warehouses etc
  • Direct to market digital media sales with no middle men
  • Quick and Simple order fulfilment process
  • Gazebos delivered direct to site in 4 – 8 weeks
  • Fully trained UK based installation & maintenance staff

Automated Technology

Automated sensor technology and integrated adjustable side panels, will keep you cool in the heat, and comfy when the chill sets in.

With mood LED lighting, the Infinity Gazebo is a snug and elegant space, perfect for relaxation, socialising, and soaking up the outdoors.

If it’s raining outside, the Infinity Gazebo’s powered active roof system auto-closes while you stay dry.(Premium version only) And no puddling or drips: an integral drainage system takes the rainwater directly to ground level.

Our Range

We’ve created our range of Infinity Gazebos to put you in charge of how you take your indoor space outdoors.
  • Choice of three models: Standard, Premium, Bespoke. Choose the spec to suit your space and fit your budget.
  • Standalone or wall-mounted. Create a brand new self-contained spot in your garden, or add shelter and shade to your porch or patio.
  • Adjustable side panels and active roof for quick and customised comfort control. Stay sheltered from the elements, shaded from the sun and in control of your privacy.
  • LED roof strips create atmosphere and light for those outdoor evenings in.
  • Short lead times (4-8 weeks, depending on model). Fast, fuss-free delivery.
  • No planning consents required.
Enjoy endless hours outdoors, with an Infinity Gazebo.

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